About Us

Persimmon Hill Farm and Bakery was established in 2004 on our family farm east of Stillwater, OK, and began selling produce and bread products at our local farmers’ market.  

We are a local, family-owned business who strives to use local, fresh, seasonal ingredients from our own farm and from local farmers’ markets.  All items are made from scratch and we enjoy creating unique products for our customers.    

In 2011, we began exploring the art of beekeeping.  We now own and maintain a collection of bee hives and, when available, offer our fresh, raw, local honey and honey products.

Over the last two decades, our business has expanded and now offers a wide selection of products.  In 2022, we opened a storefront at 131 South Main Street in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  Currently, as of November of 2023 we are located at 502 South Husband Street in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

At special times during the year, we open our farm and bakery for various events.  Follow us on Facebook for updates.